Our Value Chain

Warner Bros. Discovery partners with diverse suppliers, conducts business in a manner that respects the human rights and dignity of all, and is committed to building trusted relationships with our customers, business partners and employees around the world.

Data Privacy & Security

Warner Bros. Discovery views data protection as a foundational component of the trusted relationship it has with its customers, business partners, employees, and talent around the world. To maintain that trust, Warner Bros. Discovery is focused not only on building comprehensive security and privacy programs for legal compliance and risk management, but also on building a company culture in which responsible stewardship of data is understood by every member of the Warner Bros. Discovery team to be a core value of the organization and a central tenet of how we do business every day.

Warner Bros. Discovery has dedicated teams of experts who are focused squarely on data protection – Warner Bros. Discovery’s Global Information & Content Security team manages and monitors security of data and systems, and our Global Privacy Legal, Global Privacy Services, and Product Compliance teams work to ensure that Warner Bros. Discovery handles personal data in a manner that is compliant with the law while also being fair, ethical, and transparent. These teams work collaboratively with each other and in partnership with our global business teams, and they train our employees on data protection and the steps needed to build privacy and security by design into everything we do. Warner Bros. Discovery’s Security and Privacy teams are supported by Data Protection Officers in Europe and Brazil and by internal business stakeholders who act as data protection liaisons for their business teams.

Warner Bros. Discovery has a comprehensive information security management program led by Warner Bros. Discovery’s Global Chief Information & Content Security Officer. Warner Bros. Discovery’s program is based on best practices and industry-standard frameworks including ISO 27001 and NIST, and is comprised of: Information Security Governance, Risk, Data Security, Compliance, Application Security/Development Security Operations, Cyber Security Operations, IT Security Architecture and Engineering, Content Security, eDiscovery, and Forensics.

Warner Bros. Discovery’s commitment to data protection is furthered through its participation in a variety of organizations and working groups centered on data protection, particularly on the privacy impacts of emerging and evolving technologies, as we seek to be actively engaged in the local, regional, and global conversations around privacy that impact our industry, our organization, and our customers in ever-evolving ways.

Supplier Diversity

Warner Bros. Discovery is committed to establishing and growing relationships with businesses owned and operated by underrepresented groups to fuel innovation, strengthen our corporate brand through inclusion of culturally diverse ideas, add value to our operations, and create positive economic impact in the communities and audiences we serve. Explore our Supplier Diversity Program

Supply Chain

Warner Bros. Discovery Global Procurement is committed to reducing our impact on the environment through responsible sourcing with supply chain partners who share our commitment to long term environmental sustainability. We are committed to identifying and cultivating the supplier relationships that best support Warner Bros. Discovery’s social impact goals and align with our purpose, while also driving cost savings to increase our competitive edge.

Responsible Advertising & Marketing

In our endeavor to bring quality programming to our viewers, we strive to ensure that the commercial content and marketing initiatives aligns with our viewers’ and advertisers’ expectations for responsible advertising and marketing. We require that our advertisers ensure that their commercial content complies with all applicable laws and regulations and that any statements made in such content be truthful and subject to substantiation upon our request. We work with our internal and external business partners to place advertising that may be considered inappropriate for younger audiences in content that is targeted to adults and outside of child-targeted content.

Warner Bros. Discovery reserves the right to review all advertising and to accept, reject or require editing of any advertisement or promotional message for any reason whatsoever, including but not limited to, those it deems false, misleading, deceptive, offensive, in poor taste, and/or inconsistent with editorial content. Furthermore Warner Bros. Discovery regularly reviews ads including those that viewers have flagged to ensure compliance with advertising policies and industry best practices.

Film Studios Tobacco Depiction Policy

Warner Bros. Discovery firmly believes in artistic freedom of expression and actively supports the creative vision of producers, writers, directors, actors, and others involved in making feature films. Consistent with this belief, Warner Bros. Discovery’s film studios, Warner Bros. Pictures, New Line Cinema, and DC Studios (together, the “Studios”), work closely with creative talent to produce and distribute for theatrical release feature films that appeal to a wide array of audiences. At the same time, the Studios strive to produce and distribute feature films in a responsible manner and remain sensitive to public concerns, industry practices and public health regulations and research in this area as they evolve over time. Accordingly, the Studios endeavor to reduce or eliminate the depiction of smoking and tobacco products/brands in their feature films, unless there is a compelling creative reason for such depictions. The Studios’ practices currently include the following:

  • The Studios do not enter into any product placement or promotion arrangements with respect to tobacco products/brands for any theatrical feature film they produce and distribute in the United States.
  • The Studios endeavor to reduce or eliminate depictions of smoking and tobacco products/brands in any theatrical feature film produced and distributed in the United States that is expected to be rated “G”, “PG” or “PG-13”, unless (a) the depiction involves a character who is a literary or an actual historical figure known to have used tobacco products; (b) the depiction is otherwise warranted for reasons of compelling literary or historical accuracy; or (c) the depiction is part of a conspicuous anti-smoking reference. Even within these three categories, the Studios consider ways to reduce depictions of smoking and tobacco.
  • The Studios endeavor to reduce or eliminate depictions of smoking and tobacco products/brands in any theatrical feature film produced and distributed in the United States that is expected to be rated “R”, unless there are compelling creative reasons for such depictions
  • For any feature film produced by the Studios for theatrical release outside the United States or where the Studios’ influence over the content of any feature film is limited (such as a film co-produced by third parties or films produced by third parties and only distributed by the Studios), the Studios discourage the depiction of smoking when they believe it is appropriate to do so.

Intellectual Property

Our intellectual property assets include copyrights, trademarks, patents, websites, and licenses of intellectual property rights from third parties. We are fundamentally a content company, and the protection of our content and brands is of primary importance. To protect our intellectual property assets, we rely upon a combination of copyright, trademark, patent, unfair competition, and Internet/domain name statutes and laws, and contract provisions. We seek to limit unauthorized use of our intellectual property through a combination of approaches. We have a team dedicated to disrupting and curbing piracy and other forms of IP infringement and use external vendors to detect and remove infringing intellectual property. We also engage with intermediaries that facilitate anti-piracy best practices, leverage our membership in a range of industry groups, work with law enforcement and governmental entities like U.S. Customs & Border Protection and foreign counterparts, and initiate enforcement actions, including litigation, to address piracy and other forms of IP infringement.