Supplier Diversity

At Warner Bros. Discovery, we value and prioritize diversity.

We recognize that increasing diversity across our business enables us to tap into new ideas that add value to our operations, strengthen our brands, and fuel innovation among our teams.

Warner Bros. Discovery’s Supplier Diversity Program promotes, increases, and improves the participation of diverse businesses within our organizational supply chain and investment portfolio.


We identify a diverse supplier as an organization with at least 51% of ownership from designated diverse backgrounds, including ethnic-minorities, women, LGBTQ, veterans and persons with disabilities.

We work with various partners and organizations around the globe to facilitate an introduction to new, diverse suppliers. We also encourage diverse suppliers to connect with us directly by providing us with some additional detail in the forms found on portal links at the bottom of this page.

Assessment & Qualifications

We’re proud to welcome new profiles into our business. To ensure a successful partnership, all suppliers are thoroughly vetted and reviewed in line with our procurement practices.

We facilitate an introduction of qualified diverse suppliers to the areas of our business in which they best align for future consideration and engagement.

Outreach & Development

By investing in the development of diverse suppliers, we know we are investing in Warner Bros. Discovery and the broader media industry.

Through our supplier diversity network, we will connect and engage with diverse suppliers in an effort to grow and sustain a steady supply of talented partners.

Prospective Diverse Supplier

We welcome diverse suppliers to connect with us directly! Warner Bros. Discovery relies on a wide range of suppliers to serve as partners and collaborators. Tell us about your business and services by following this registration pathway.

Tier 2 Diverse Spend Reporting

Tier 2 diversity reporting is a process where suppliers can share their diversity spend with their customers. The process allows Warner Bros. Discovery to recognize the effect of their spend with suppliers who engage with diverse suppliers, as well as their direct spend with diverse suppliers. Select suppliers are invited to participate in this program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Supplier Diversity Program?

A supplier diversity program is a proactive business program which encourages the use of ethnic minority-owned, women owned, veteran owned, LGBT-owned, service-disabled veteran owned, historically underutilized business, and some small business concerns (marginalized and underrepresented groups vary by country) equal access to business opportunities. It promotes supplier participation reflective of a company’s diverse consumer base and the diverse business communities where it operates. It also enables the company to develop new markets, new customers, and new talent in diverse communities.

What are the qualifiers for a Diverse Supplier?

Generally, we identify a diverse supplier as an organization with at least 51% of ownership from designated diverse backgrounds, including ethnic-minorities, women, LGBTQ, veterans and persons with disabilities (marginalized and underrepresented groups vary by country).

What is diverse supplier certification?

A Diverse Supplier Certification is a process whereby businesses are verified and deemed to meet the definition of a diverse supplier by independent accredited organizations.